About Us


pileofforksFuZion Cuzine is a copulation of piquancy,  flavoring that is incorporated from cultures around the world. With the simple pleasures of comfort foods, FuZion CuZine combines elements of different culinary traditions which is the process of joining a collection of spices to form a single entity.  The Variety that is created comes from a special blend of Seasoning and Herbs known as the” FuZion Mix “ and  very tasty due to its original flare. With these different cuisnes we’ve incorporated a cuilnary experience inspired by seasonings from Asia, Italy, France, Mexico, Thailand, Greece and America. Fuzion CuZine specializes in diverse sauces that brings out the unique flavors in each dish. The sauces vary from Remoulades to the signature “ FuZion “sauce. The sauces that come from FuZion CuZine allows more chefs freedom to play with flavors, textures and color which require careful Fork_wpconstruction. By creating such unique sauces it requires constant tasting and fine tuning to balance its flavors and perfect  consistency. FuZion CuZines sauces makes the dishes as savory as possible! We present this style of cooking with new juxtapositions and can compliment many occasions with style, ambiance and class. FuZion Cuzine has a mass appeal with its diverse menu; from traditional Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Office Events, Conferences to relaxed celebrations like School Ceremonies, Picnics and Fish Frys. We’ve created any category of food that is necessary for your event like Appetizers, Au d’oeuvre, Light Bites, Entrees, Salads and Soups. We season, prepare and present our food with a gourmet feel to create that “Heart and Soul” of each dish. Our approach to your event is all about satisfying our client and making their lives stress free with a touch of grace and etiquette. It does not matter what your budget is, we work with the right foods and drinks to make the event a success. You don’t have to be afraid to make it a “ bring a bottle party “ by spelling it out sometimes creates a great atmosphere which is most important and that is exactly what FuZion CuZine does to bring about a warm and genuine welcome.