Lite Bites

mini food5FuZions light bites consist of components less of a Entrée but more than a Appetizer. Balance is very important when it comes to light bites because we usually serve a vegetable, light carb and a protein. FuZion CuZine usually balances out something of a tradional bite like ‘Mac n Chesse’ anywhere to a Endamame bean with a tempura shrimp, Crabcake with Remoulade sauce or a Taco Pizza so it varies. The many variations on a theme that FuZion CuZine has captured and created is a taste with “ heart and soul”

A ‘La Carte Menu (serves 15-25p)

(plus tax, delivery and labor)

Available for either Full Service, Buffet or Delivery

Roasted Mixed Vegetables Served With Yellow Rice* $70


Fuzion Pan Seared Scallops

Garlic Herb Roasted Red Potatoes* $60

Fuzion Pan Seared Scallops**

Ground Chicken, Beef, or Italian Meatballs Served with Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce $85

Fuzion Lamb Meatballs served with Yogurt Dill Dipping Sauce* $125

Sautéed Fine Green Beans or Spinach served w/ Garlic Herb Butter* $50

Gourmet Turkey Burgers w/ Mango Salsa  $60 per dozen

Roasted Mixed Vegetable Medley served w/ Sweet Butter Sauce $75

Sweet Corn served w/ Butter Sauce $45

Mango Salsa on Crispy Tortilla

Mango Salsa on Crispy Tortilla

Mexican Style Cornbread* $50

Salmon Bites w/ Arugula & Cream Cheese on Flat Bread Crisps $85

Mango Salsa with Crispy Tortilla $65

Fuzion Sweet Potato Fries (upon request)



Smoked Salmon topped with Caviar

Beef, Chicken or Smoked Turkey Panini on Calbata Bread $65

Macaroni n Cheese* $75

Stuffed Chicken or Turkey Wraps Rolled in Flour Tortillas $85

Prosuitto with melon n Asparagus* $70

Fuzion Black Bean Burger served w/ Chipotle Ranch Dressing $80

Sweet Potato, Chicken and Spinach Enchillada* $95




* Not Available in Small Trays

 ** Price varies upon request

Full Service charges vary according to catering Events

    Delivery fees vary